Laruga Glaser and David Friedriksson return at Villa Antonina

2022 was a year full of excitement and satisfaction. At Villa Antonina, we organised numerous yoga retreats led by the best international teachers, such as Laruga Glaser and David Friedriksson. A lot of students came here to the wonderful setting of Golfo Aranci to learn their teachings: they did not just attend lessons, but had a totally immersive journey into the wonderful world of Yoga.

What awaits us in 2023? There is wonderful news: Laruga Glaser and David Friedriksson will return to Villa Antonina for an exciting new retreat. The date to mark in your diary is 1-15 July 2023.

Something more about Laruga Glaser and David Friedriksson

Laruga Glaser and David Friedriksson are united in life and in Yoga. We could define them as the Ying and the Yang: two entities that complement each other to offer their students the best. To participate in one of their retreats doesn’t mean simply to learn a discipline, but to embrace a philosophy of life.

Laruga Glaser

Between Laruga and the mat it was “love at first sight”. After researching spiritual philosophy at length during her teenage years, she discovered yoga in 1996 and was immediately attracted to the mental aspect of the practice.

After some years Laruga Glaser decided to leave her regular job in the corporate world to teach yoga full-time. She has made more than 14 trips to Mysore, India, at KPJAYI where the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught, and where now teaches his grandson, R. Sharath Jois.

Her mission is to continue learning and growing both as a student and as a teacher. She is one of the few teachers in the world, who has been awarded the primacy of the certification for teaching the Advanced B series, a very rare privilege, which requires years and years of hard and humble work, as well as an immense dedication to the practice also as a lifestyle.

Today, after more than 20 years of practising yoga, Laruga directs the Mysore programme at Yogayama in Stockholm, Sweden, and teaches workshops and retreats around the world.

Her profound belief in what she does and teaches, is breathed and felt so strongly during her classes, that the student is inspired, motivated and intrigued to explore all aspects of the practice. A lesson with Laruga Glaser is not just a lesson, but a “school of life”

diventare un insegnante di yoga laruga glaser

David Friedriksson

David starts practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2006. In 2008 he embarks on his first trip to Mysore, India, practicing with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois.

His dedication to practice led him, in January 2011, to receive the Level 1 Teaching Authorization from his teacher R. Sharath Jois.

David is a person of great depth and sensitivity. For this reason, he is the perfect teacher for absolute beginners: he knows how to interact and to motivate them.

Why to be part of Laruga and David's retreat at Villa Antonina?

Laruga and David’s retreat will give you the opportunity to improve your level of practice and also the advantage of spending time enjoying the healing power of the sea in one of the most  Island of the Mediterranean.

Laruga Glaser‘s “cultural baggage” will emerge from the very first lesson: teaching for her is a true act of love oriented to the sharing of all the knowledge she possesses. You will be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions that will make you rediscover Yoga in a way never seen before.

To guide you in this sensory journey there will also be David Friedriksson, a teacher of depth, but at the same time a great motivator capable of making even absolute beginners fall in love with Ashtanga Yoga. Laruga and David’s retreat is a unique journey that can only be understood by immersing yourself in their teachings. Are you ready for this new “first time”?

How much Laruga and David's retreat?

APARTMENT STUDIO – open space + bath

– Shared 3 people € 3000,00 per person
– Shared 2 people € 4000,00 per person
– Apartment exclusive use € 7000,00 (1 person)

PREMIUM APARTMENT – 1 bedroom + 1 bath + living room

– Shared 3 people € 3200,00 per person
– Shared 2 people € 4500,00 per person
– Apartment exclusive use € 8000,00 (1 person)

SUPERIOR APARTMENT – 2 bedrooms + 1 bath + living room

– Shared 4 people ( 2 each room ) € 2900,00 per person

SUPERIOR DELUXE APARTMENT – 2 bedrooms + 2 baths + large living room

– Shared 4 people ( 2 each room ) € 3300,00 per person
– Shared 2 people ( 1 each room ) € 5500,00 per person

Each apartment has living room with kitchenette and private patio. Rates include meals, accommodation and participation in the retreat.

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